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"Mr. Batista's initial impression lived up to his reputation with a vengeance. From the Cuban School he had the easy virtuosity that hallmarks that training. Eight and nine pirouettes were ordinary occurrences, as well as the entire vocabulary of turns in the air. From The English School he had the stage manners that make a performer sympathetic and approachable while appearing to be a natural aristocrat. And he had the remarkable speed and clarity that one expects from the American School." 

- Lindsay Fischer - YOU DANCE Director & Principal Ballet Master for The National Ballet of Canada

How to strive in a competitive career ?

-To My Students / Parents / Studio Owners

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Bringing to your studio a set of classes from classical ballet technique which includes barre, center, pirouettes and jumps with high focus on how to stabilizing your core from barre to center, strengthening your foundation through repetition and dynamics.


Understanding the division and the role of Upper & Lower Body workflow.

The knowledge behind lines and circles, positioning your body and understanding your placement and its own limits (legs & arms)

Musicality, when to start or finish, predicting. The relationship between accompanist and CD.


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Private Sessions with minimum 1 and maximum 3. 


Focus on individual's requests for improvement, strengthening and more.


Main focus on barre work and center development, furthermore into combinations, music development, lyricism, arms & upper body work in different style such as Russian (Vaganova), English (Royal), American (Balanchine).


Balance in positions, into turns, small - medium - high and explosive jumps.


Work on style, dynamic, breathing, energy sharing and stamina.


Mentorship & Resume consultation available for this package. 

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Live Talk

Ballet Open Talk on Instagram live @jonathanbatistaofficial, bringing to you the best of this industry, talks in regards to experience, from the start as a student to then as a professional dancer as a career.

- When and where to audition?

- How do I Know?

- How to build my confidence?

- ow to not lose myself as a student and then as a professional?

- Is Classical Ballet Company all that is out there?

- Can I be a freelance Dancer?

- As a foreigner, what type of visa should I apply?

- Entrepreneurship in Dance - How to build your brand?

- Ballet in Europe & USA, what's better or worse?

- What's the difference ?

- Q&A and much more.

Private live talk and consultation in regards to all above. Available for bookings as well.


Choreographing solos, duets, trio & groups for dance convention, competition, birthday, weddings & events available.


Viewing is also available in packages.


Choreographing or re-adaptation of  repertoire for competitions such as YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, Varna, many more in the USA and EU. 

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