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The First Black Principal Dancer in 50-year history of Pacific Northwest Ballet

Jonathan Batista



Jonathan Batista is a world-renowned Principal Dancer, entrepreneur, and speaker who has defined what it means to achieve the American dream through faith, hard work, discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and a rigorous routine. Born and raised in the City of God Slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Batista began his training at the UNICOM social project. He was soon discovered by Edward Villella, the Founder & former Artistic Director of Miami City Ballet, and later by Jane Hackett, the former School Director at English National Ballet School, who offered him a full scholarship to attend the prestigious school in London, UK. Batista also attended The Royal Ballet School.


Upon graduating in 2011, Batista went on to perform with major ballet companies such as English National Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, Miami City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, and Oklahoma City Ballet. 

Karen Kain

Former Artistic Director

- The National Ballet of Canada

"Mr. Batista has fulfilled his responsibilities with us in an exemplary fashion. His performances of principal roles in our performances show great technical mastery, sensitivity as a partner, and the ability to engage an audience, even when that audience knows nothing about what ballet should be, and why it is that Mr. Batista is such a remarkable phenomenon on stage."

Robert Mills

Former Artistic Director
- Oklahoma City Ballet

"Jonathan is not only an incredibly talented dancer, he is a wonderful person to work with. He is humble, gracious, and sets a great example of professionalism for the rest of the company."

Victoria Morgan

Former Artistic Director
- Cincinnati Ballet

"He rose beyond a professional presentation, with his subtlety of expression and detailed musicality aided by his spirited interpretation of his character. He not only shined as a very accomplished dancer, but also as a partner with great sensitivity and strength. As artistic director of the Cincinnati Ballet I am happy to write this testimonial. Jonathan is a ballet dancer with extraordinary talent."
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